Letter: Time to sell Central


I was so disappointed with the school board's decision not to sell Central. The only other offer since they closed it was not as much and fell through. They have a budget deficit and Edison is going to open a high school anyway. It makes no sense to me, especially since Central is costing the taxpayers for upkeep while it sits vacant.

I was talking to an elementary school teacher a while ago. She said she had 35 students in her class and it was hard to give more attention to those who needed it. The sale of Central would have helped lower the class sizes and the deficit.

I know that I would do anything I could to reduce my budget deficit, so I don't know why the school district isn't. If I were a parent, I would not want my child in a class that size. If they have such large classes there, what's it like in the middle schools and high schools?

If no other buyer has come forward after all this time, what makes them think someone will come for it now? So get rid of it and use the money to reduce the budget deficit and reduce class sizes, or they will continue to lose students to others.

Cecilia Hill