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Election letters

Vote Gary Anderson

I'm writing in support of Gary Anderson to represent the First District on the Duluth City Council. I spoke with him recently about an issue close to my heart. I found out that a group on the other side of that issue, one with a lot money and power, had already talked to him about it. They pushed him to accept their position but he had declined. In spite of their influence, he would not take a stand because he did not know enough about the issue and wanted to study it before committing.

I appreciate the strength of character this takes. No, he did not agree to take my side of the issue either, but I know he listened to me and will give weight to my point of view. We can be assured that with Gary on the City Council, we will have a thoughtful leader, one careful to listen to all sides of an issue.

John Greene


No to ranked-choice voting

An issue about ranked-choice voting (RCV) that hasn't received a lot of attention is the costs for new software for voting machines, for voter education (for multiple elections), and for extra staff time in close elections or elections with many candidates, because the counting process takes so long. We don't know how much Duluth will need to pay, since no one has researched that. In Minneapolis in 2013, the mayoral election went $400,000 over budget.

No money will be saved in avoiding a city primary. Costs will instead be pushed onto the Duluth School District, because it still must hold a primary.

We should not gamble on a new voting system that lacks transparency, has a complicated counting algorithm and will take money away from other city priorities. Please join me in voting "no" for Ranked Choice Voting.

Betty Greene