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Letter: Sharing seeds should be legal

As we near the official beginning of spring, many Duluth gardeners are thinking about seeds and gardens. And for those following the news about the Minnesota Seed Law and its impact on seed sharing and the Duluth Seed Library, there is an update.

As a quick background, last fall state regulators informed the Duluth Library that its seed-sharing program most likely violated the Minnesota Seed Law in how it was labeling the seeds and in not testing the seeds.

So, several groups statewide got together to support principles of unregulated seed-sharing among gardeners. Locally, the groups includes the Institute for a Sustainable Future and the Duluth Seed Library.

In addition, the Duluth Community Garden Program and the city councils of Duluth, St. Paul and Minneapolis have weighed in with their support through letters and resolutions.

In mid-January, we met with a Minnesota Department of Agriculture representative and legislators to discuss ideas and explore a shared interest in a common-sense legislative solution. Subsequently, on Wednesday, Sen. Reinert introduced SF 949 (1115 in the House) to address concerns. While we don't yet know what the outcome will be, your voice is important, so call your legislators.

Regardless of the outcome, the Duluth Seed Library will once again offer seeds in compliance with the current Minnesota Seed Law, with the hope that wiser heads will prevail and the burdensome yoke of regulation will be lifted.

Jamie Harvey,


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