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Letter: Be careful on lake ice

Photo by Richard Thomas/Duluth Budgeteer

I tell this story every year.

Back in the '90s I was running on Duluth's Lakewalk, near Lake Superior between 26th Avenue East and London Road, when I heard what sounded like a 12-gauge shotgun discharging. (Believe me, I know what a 12 gauge sounds like when it discharges, due to the fact that I grew up with firearms around and hunted as a kid as well as still own guns.) I look toward the lake where the sound came from and witnessed a crack running from approximately 26th Avenue East and heading toward Port Wing at what I would describe as the speed of sound. Within five seconds, the gap was approximately 3 feet between the two pieces of ice and I watched as the northeast section moved out into the lake at a rapid rate. Within 30 seconds it was at least a 100-foot gap and increased its movement as it moved quickly to the northeast.

That was the last time I put my foot on the ice of Lake Superior!

Please be careful on lake ice and I would advise staying off of Lake Superior when the ice forms.

Todd Gremmels