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Letters: Library and mole tentacles

A star-nosed mole. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer and Mike Stattelman)

Library not obsolete

There has been so much talk about the library and what to do about it. Some say that we don't even need one since it's obsolete and no one uses it. They haven't been in it lately, because there are people who still use it and check out books. The computer room is always in use with people waiting to use one.

I know that whatever they decide, it will be expensive. But as someone who uses it and its computers, I think it's worth it. I do not see people not using it in the future, for there will always be people who prefer the book over the e-readers. There will always be people who will come to use the computers because not everyone has one.

Cecilia Hill,


Beware the tentacles

I love Larry Weber's writings about small critters, particularly the Feb. 1 column, "Seeing a star-nosed mole in winter." I have had lots of encounters with star-nosed moles, most of them in winter. But here is one from autumn.

When I lived in Outing, Minn., a neighbor had me over when a star-nosed mole got into the house and was cornered behind the couch. So the neighbor sicked his mean black labrador onto the mole and it aggressively went for it.

The mole grabbed on to the lab's nose and held on as the dog ran yelping through the kitchen and straight through the closed screen door, taking the screen with it. Once outside, the mole let loose while the poor lab licked its wounds. It was quite a sight and the mole's "tentacles" totally covered the lab's nose.

Often, no matter the season, a hawk or owl will kill a mole. Once it knows it killed a member of the shrew family, the kill is abandoned. Hardly ever have I seen a shrew or mole mainly eaten by an avian predator, except for some internal organs. They must learn fast, perhaps from the odor.

Bill Berg,

Knife River