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This is your brain on Halloween

Photo by Bob King/Duluth News Tribune

Most people in this country state they are Christians, but I see little impact of their faith.

The favored sports teams are obvious, their colors and weird outfits. The importance of alcohol is obvious with the overabundance of bars and liquor stores.

The impact of Hollywood and the entertainment industries is obvious per sexual attire and loud, obnoxious music. It includes violence displayed on clothes' logos and now in Halloween decorations, costumes and celebrations.

I'm very concerned about the disturbed minds who actually enjoy the blood and gore which Halloween has turned into. This is pure satanic evil, which our society seems to just accept.

Jesus took demons out of people, said love one another and run from temptations such as sexual immorality, vulgarity, violence and hate. Yet where is the voice of the Christians?

Most people these days are on some drugs, especially antidepressants, even medicating children, causing serious side effects. I'm seeing more droopy, spacy eyes and slow movements and reactions of people, showing slow mental thought and increased sudden anger.

This seemed evident to me when I saw a local high school art display which mostly consisted of anger, depression and dark and evil themes. I asked if that was the best they could display, for it led me to also wonder about the mental health of the teacher. I was reminded of an anti-drug commercial which showed a fried egg and said, "This is your brain on drugs," sadly and shockingly seen in that art.

Those and the sick joy of gruesome Halloween entertainment, as in the William Irving ship, the bloody costumes and add on the random shootings, are all symptoms of a sick, drugged generation, also desensitized from violent entertainment such as this.

Jesus said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do," which is where this generation is and needs to be taught.

Dennis P. and Rosemarie Mitchell