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Done with football

Photo by Clint Austin/Duluth News Tribune

We can now watch professional football on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at a minimum. The publicly-assisted and financed extravagant football palaces have been built for wealthy owners in nearly all the National Football League cities. As the U.S. population ages and changes, one may wonder if the coming generations are going to be as interested in professional football as we once were. The insult of expensive licenses for season tickets has become just one more irritating issue for many folks who would like to attend games.

We've watched once-very popular sports such as tennis and golf go into meaningful decline, not to mention boxing. I'm old enough to remember when nearly everyone in the country listened to the Joe Louis-Billy Conn fight on the radio.

With the revelation of bounty payments to injured opponents, concussion and dementia issues of so many players, the rash of injuries caused by the way the game is played today, the current news about players' spouse and child abuse, NFL player arrests, along with the outrageous on-the-field grandstanding by players for doing their job, one may wonder if NFL football isn't about to go into meaningful decline. It has with me.

Former ardent Vikings fan,

Jim Waldo, Duluth