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Lakewalk kiosks bring Duluth to life

Friends of the Lakewalk members Carol Burns, left, and Jennifer Boyle with the new Lakeside Village kiosk near 44th Ave East and Superior Street.

We moved to Duluth four years ago, right during the Big Flood. In spite of that, we decided to stay. During those four years we have met a lot of people like us, new to the Twin Ports, who find Duluth a great place to live.

I never take for granted the wonders of this place: clean air, clean water, deer in the backyard, the view from Enger Tower. I am also still amazed by the crazy-long Lakewalk that stretches from the Lift Bridge to Brighton Beach. Last year, the Lakewalk celebrated its 25th anniversary.

When I joined the Friends of the Lakewalk (FOTL), it was as an interested citizen who enjoyed the use of a fabulous city park. I have seen lakewalks in other towns, but nothing on this scale.

I also found that FOTL is a pretty active organization. One of the tasks that FOTL has undertaken is to help place info-kiosks along the walk at strategic points. Currently there are kiosks near the shipping canal about the sunken ship Mata'afa, at the Mosaic Image Wall, near the sculpture garden at Lake Place, near the Tischer Creek/Congdon Estate, in Lakeside, by the Lester Park/Lester River Bridge and the Lester River Fish Hatchery near Brighton Beach. Several more are in the works.

Hundreds of hours were spent by Friends of the Lakewalk members Carol Burns and Jennifer Boyle, coordinating with the City of Duluth, obtaining grant monies, researching and assembling these kiosks.

I bet you don't know the origin of the alcohol prohibition in Lakeside that was recently overturned. Stop by the kiosk and get smarter! There are also words about significant Duluthians of yesteryear and pictures. If you need a breather from your bike ride, inline skate tour, jog, walk or cross-country ski jaunt, stop and take a look at the kiosks along the way, courtesy of Friends of the Lakewalk.