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Preparing the way for informed voting

The Chamber's leadership understands that you are busy. Your life is full. Your calendar is crowded. This is why we set out to provide you timely, concise, well-organized and conveniently located candidate forums.

During the past month, the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce combined with the Duluth News Tribune to host four candidate forums. The forums featured candidates for Duluth: mayor, School Board, City Council At Large and City Council district races. They were contained to one hour, held in a beautiful setting at the Duluth Playhouse Theatre and the Underground Theater in the Depot. They were free and open to the public. We even provided free Depot parking lot parking during the recently held mayoral candidate forum.

Yet, if you were still too busy to attend, we made arrangements to have the forums broadcast live on KDAL-AM 610, posted for viewing on My9 TV, and posted for viewing on demand at

At this point, you may be thinking, "David, that's all fine and good, but what about providing me with information regarding ranked-choice voting?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

The Chamber and the News Tribune are again hosting a forum on ranked-choice voting 8-9 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at Valentini's Vicino Lago, 1400 London Rd. We will have proponents and opponents of ranked-choice voting provide us a thorough overview of the perceived advantages and disadvantages of this proposed initiative. Once again, if you are too busy to attend, the forum will be posted online for viewing at (Editor's note: The Duluth News Tribune is a sister paper to the Duluth Budgeteer News.)

The aforementioned forums are an ambitious undertaking for the Chamber and for the News Tribune. Yet, we readily channeled our resources into affording you these convenient opportunities to learn more about the candidates and about ranked-choice voting. Our only motivation is to help prepare the way for an informed vote in the upcoming local elections.

You can return the favor by taking the time to cast your ballot Tuesday, Nov. 3. By doing so, you will honor the candidates who have worked so hard to gain your support. You will concurrently decide the future of ranked-choice voting within our beloved Zenith City on the hill.

David Ross is the president and CEO of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Contact him at 740-3751 or

David Ross

David Ross is the president and CEO of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Contact him at 740-3751.