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Column: A mother’s encouragement keeps on in the digital age

Teri Cadeau

For years I’ve turned to my mother for advice. Mothers, in my experience, always seem to know the right thing to say. When I’m worked up about something someone did or said to me, she will point out the other person’s point of view. When I’m worried about a situation, she will remind me that worrying won’t help and that there’s something I can do.

When I started this job as a reporter, my boss told me that an easy way to write is to write as if you’re explaining the story to someone you like. The first person who popped in my head was my mother. Sometimes

if I’m really having a problem, I’ll give her a quick call and explain what I’m writing about. It helps me organize my thoughts. Gratefully, she’s almost always ready and willing to listen.

Now my mother doesn’t think she’s much of a writer. She’s more inclined toward math and science and didn’t care much for writing (though she loves to read).

However, there is one place where she writes often: Facebook.

My mother loves Facebook. No matter what I post, I can always count on a comment from her.

Some people use the website as a way to vent their problems, focus solely on themselves or take pictures of their food.

But not my mother. She uses it as a tool. It’s her window of opportunity to be uplifting and encouraging. It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a crummy day; an update from my mother always cheers me up.

For this Mother’s Day, I would like to share some of my mother’s best wisdom that she has provided over the years through her statuses:

“Say I love you to people you love. Say good things to people when you think of them. You won’t regret it. When someone dies we often wish we would have said ‘I love you’ more to them.”

“Children, have you hugged your parent or parents today? When my children were young the saying was ‘Parents have you hugged your child today?’ Hugs were just for young children when I was little. As you got bigger you got less hugs. I was very fortunate to have a dad who still loved to hug his daughter even at 18. Now other children in our family may not have had that, but I did with my dad.”

“I am surprised to hear all the complaints when I talk about the great weather we are having. I guess it depends on how you look at it.” (Side note: This was from two years ago when we were having one of the mildest winters on record. Not this past winter.)

“Thank your friends for all the birthday greetings. It makes getting older worthwhile to have wonderful friends and family.”

“Just flew back from Las Vegas. Boy are my arms tired. Yukyuk.”

OK, that last one may not have been so serious, but you get the point.

Thank you, Mom, for being a source of inspiration, encouragement, enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge and, most of all, love and kindness.

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Duluth Budgeteer News. She wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, but especially to her own mother.

Teri Cadeau

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Budgeteer.

(218) 720-4176