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Exchange students journey to Duluth

Filip Björstrand of Sweden and Denise Citti of Italy attended Denfeld. (Photo submitted)1 / 2
Adrian Hane of Sweden attended Proctor High School. (Photo submitted)2 / 2

International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) offers young people the opportunity to discover themselves by discovering others. By gaining a new son or daughter, host families participate in the evolving process of promoting peace through mutual respect and understanding.

“I really enjoyed living in Duluth. It’s a beautiful city, and even if it is a little bit cold, I really liked the winter here,” wrote Denise Citti of Italy, who attended Denfeld High School and heads back home in June. “On an exchange you are able to figure out things you would never be able to do if you were at home. You grow up a lot and way faster than you ever did. You get out of your box and see the world and all the differences.”

Filip Turesson Björstrand of Sweden, who also attended Denfeld, wrote, “I would like to begin with thanking my host family. I've learned a lot from you that I'll take with me for the rest of my life. Secondly, I want to thank every single friend I made here in Minnesota. I've had a blast living here and many of you guys are friends I'll have for life … It has been an amazing experience going to Denfeld and I couldn't be more proud than to call myself a ‘Hunter.’”

Adrian Hane of Sweden, who attended Proctor High School, wrote, “I really enjoyed the American high school life. This year has been an amazing experience! I will never forget or regret making this journey.”

To host a 10-month, a January or August semester or full-year student (January to January), contact Arlette Haupt at (218) 384-4096 or, or visit