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Enjoy April Fools but not too much

Recently discovered photo from 1985 proving Brian as the culprit for the Socrates grounding. (Duluth News Tribune file photo)

So it's April Fools' weekend, the one time of the year when TV weather people can get away with being completely and totally wrong.

MARCH 31: "Unseasonably warm temperatures tomorrow, so go ahead and leave those jackets at home."

APRIL 1: "April Fools! And, again, I must apologize to Darren Danielson about yesterday's forecast. Although in my defense, I said you should leave your jackets at home, not your pants."

You know who else loves April Fools' Day? Republicans! However, they're not exactly known for being funny on purpose and, as a result, their timing is usually way off.

LAST SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS: "Obamacare is terrible! A disaster! A disgrace! Give us the presidency and a majority in the Congress and we promise to repeal and replace this insidious, horrific, life-sucking monstrosity that is killing our children, our senior citizens and everyone else in the entire world!!!!!!"

LAST WEEK: "Um ... April Fools?"

They certainly are.

Look, I enjoy a good April Fools prank as much as anyone. Heck, sometimes I don't even wait until spring to have some fun. I was a bit of a heck-raiser in my youth and just may have called Sears, Daugherty's and both Johnson AND Mertz to inquire about running refrigerators. It's entirely possible that I might have switched around some Iron Range/Iron Ridge notecards when George W. Bush was in town. And when a certain Socratic lake boat ran aground on Park Point a few years back, didn't I own a giant magnet from Acme back then?


I'm not alone in this fondness for tomfoolery. Shenanigans and monkey business have been taking up office space in Duluth City Hall for years. For example ...

GARY DOTY: "Listen ... giggle ... you know what Duluth needs? ... tee-hee ... A huge aquarium ... chortle ... down in Bayfront ... snicker ... filled with freshwater fish ... chuckle ... that everyone around here can see all the time anyway ... titterchucklechortle ... Seriously. Thousands of people will pack the place and it'll be self-sustaining within a year — BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

JOHN FEDO: "No, I haven't been reimbursed by the city for these lunches yet."

BEN BOO: "Pull my finger."

And so, I heartily encourage everyone to partake in some April Foolishness this weekend. Like my good friend and TV weather guy Super Dave Anderson says:

"Brian Matuszak is the funniest guy I know. You can totally trust him. Now get out there and enjoy this beautifully sunny April weekend. Pants optional!"

Brian's best trick ever was getting an amazing woman to marry him 30 years ago this September. Oh, and the fake doggy-doo on George W. Bush’s podium. Classic!

Brian Matuszak

Brian Matuszak is the founder of Rubber Chicken Theater and invites you to follow him and his theater company on Twitter at, like them on Facebook at Rubber Chicken Theater and visit their website at