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Letters: Support City Council on Standing Rock

Jesse Peterson and friends thank the Duluth City Council at the Jan. 9 meeting for passing the Stand Rock resolution in February. (Photo by Richard Thomas)

Once again Dave Ross has chosen to share his opinion about the Duluth City Council's Standing Rock resolution. ("City Council resolution disrupts the Twin Ports," Budgeteer, Jan. 8) The resolution has nothing to do with shipping, mining or Enbridge.

I have read Mr. Ross' opinion several times to try and understand his motivation for attacking the City Council and singling council members by informing about unrelated subjects.

What I do gather from his opinion is that he is firmly on the side of big business and very opposed to anything that might have to do with improving water quality regulations.

What he does not address is how many other businesses in our city depend on our water quality. These businesses also provide many jobs in our community. Much of our tourism depends on clean water. Tourists come here just to enjoy our clean water to the tune of $780 million in direct economic impact annually.

There is also a budding brewery and distillery industry taking root in our city just because of our water quality. These are growing industries with the potential for many new good paying jobs. I don't drink but I know economic growth when I see it.

I encourage Ross, president and CEO of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, not to be one-sided and show more appreciation for ALL local employers and industries. Mr. Ross, whom do you represent?

Shawn P. Carr

Community organizer for Idle No More-Northwoods Wolf Alliance


We're dismayed and annoyed to read David Ross's commentary in the Budgeteer taking the City Council to task for its resolution supporting the Standing Rock protesters.

We want to say clearly and unequivocally that we support the city councilors for taking a courageous stand on this issue and on other pipeline and sulfide-ore mining matters. What's needed is a long-term view and 21st-century reinvestment on the Range, instead of reactionary, inflammatory and incorrect grandstanding by the president of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce.

We thank the City Council and in particular Councilors Em Westerlund, Gary Anderson and Joel Sipress for taking the lead.

Zabelle and Robert Stodola