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Schuyler's voice will be missed

The Rev. Cathy Schuyler, left, holds a farewell gift, a framed watercolor painting of Duluth Congregational Church, painted by Lois Rosenthal, right. (Photo by Naomi Yaeger)

The Rev. Cathy Schuyler is known in Duluth for her strong singing voice and for speaking out for peace and justice. Schuyler's last Sunday as pastor at Duluth Congregational Church, 3833 E. Superior St., was July 17. She accepted a call to congregations in Catskill, Palenville and Quarryville, all in the Hudson Valley of New York.

"We will miss her laugh, her shouts of joy ... the can-do attitude and, of course, that voice that leads the hymns," said Carol Thibault, moderator of Duluth Congregational Church, during the farewell reception.

"She has carried the name of DCC out into the community far and wide," Thibault said. Schuyler often led songs with the bullhorn at Duluth's Martin Luther King, Jr. marches. Budgeteer readers may recognize her name as she was quoted in stories on the many rallies and vigils she participated in concerning the plight of the disadvantaged.

Schuyler's passion for peace and justice is grounded by the teachings of the Bible. Thibault recalled the evening someone asked Schuyler about the books of the Bible. "She (Schuyler) gave a summary of every book," Thibault said, "To this day I am just amazed."

"Cathy has led us in many different ways in the past nine years and we are grateful," Thibault said. "These has been years of growth for DCC; certainly our understanding of the Bible and God's love for each of us has strengthened."

Lee Stuart, executive director of CHUM, thanked the church for being generous with their pastor's time. Schuyler served more than eight years on the CHUM congregational outreach committee.

Stuart said Schuyler was humble but knew when to push.

"Also I appreciate Cathy's turn of a phrase. She gave one a couple days ago with which I've absconded and used three times, which is 'jackhammer of justice.' "

Schuyler's husband, Richard Edwards, recently retired as pastor of Moose Lake United Methodist Church. He plans to remain in Duluth until the couple's home is sold. The couple has a daughter, Charis ("Carrie"), who was 7 when her mother started as pastor. Many members say they enjoyed watching her grow up.

Naomi Yaeger

Naomi Yaeger is a freelance writer and the former editor of the Budgeteer. See her blog at