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Letters: Jan. 31 issue

Children against climate change

We want people to join Citizens Climate Lobby. Most people believe that the climate is changing. Climate change is killing crops in the South and soon things will get a lot worse. Ice will start to melt and summers will be unbearably hot. Animals in Antarctica will start dying out because it is too hot. Because of climate change, people will start moving north because their crops will start to die.

Help us change the world so all this economic damage doesn’t affect the globe. I am 11 years old and I am in Citizens Climate Lobby with my dad. So join CCL ( today and help us fix this!

Maia Enberg


Tell a story

In reference to Mark Rubin's commentary ("Today's little match girls," Jan. 17) I thought it was an excellent example of bibliotherapy, which is the use of a character in literature for identification of a person's own experience. This is an effective way for a person of any age, but especially young people, to begin to talk about something difficult. Besides identifying with the character, the person is able to put some emotional distance between themselves and a problem. This helps with perspective and is a technique used in solution-focused counseling.

I learned about these two therapies in the school counseling program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior 2004-2007. When I graduated, the school counselors had been cut out of schools and replaced by school social workers. If a school counselor was retained it was to facilitate test results. I think students benefit from both school counselors and school social workers. They make a good team.

Katherine Brantner