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Neighbors gather for Cider Press Fest

August Qson cranks the apple chopper on the cider press as Michael Gabler looks on. About 75 people came to the press fest and made about 30 gallons of cider. 1 / 3
Greta Leitz cranks the apple chopper on the cider press.2 / 3
Angela Qson fills a half gallon with fresh cider. The Hillside Public Orchard’s apples weren’t ready to be made into cider, but volunteers brought apples from their own trees. (Photos by Melissa Boyle) 3 / 3

Those using Sixth Avenue East to travel through the Hillside may have noticed the Hillside Public Orchard at East 10th Street. A festival was held last weekend to give residents a chance to press apples from their backyard trees into cider.

Photos by Melissa Boyle