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Duluth dog business cleans up

Charlie Bray, founder of Duluth Dog Waste Removal, stands with his dog at the Canine Carnival in April. (Submitted photo)

"Every person who has a dog knows that they will have to clean up after it, that is what my business is here for," said Charlie Bray, founder of Duluth Dog Waste Removal, the local business that does the job for the dog owner.

Currently a senior at Duluth East High School, Bray calls himself the CEO and owner of the business that puts a dog owners mind at ease. He is involved in the Duluth East orchestra, cross-country and Nordic ski teams and track team during the school year.

Bray started the business more than a year ago when he was looking for a flexible job that he could do on his own time. As a result, he came up with the business that nobody wanted to do so he would have no competition.

"Duluth Dog Waste Removal is exactly what it sounds like," explained Bray. "It is a one-man job where I go to any house and clean up their yard. Upon request, I can also do other odd jobs such as raking and mowing."

The business offers once-a-week, every-other-week and once-a-month scooping, as well as one-time visits in any season.

Rates for cleaning vary upon the number of dogs and how often the yard is cleaned. With one dog, once a week, the rate is $10; with two dogs, once a week, the rate is $12; and with three or more dogs, once a week, the rate is $15.

"The business has been around for a while, but it has picked up in the past months," said Bray. "I am happy to provide a helpful and reasonably priced service for my customers."

One of Bray's frequent customers is Lisa Johnson, who originally received the yard service as a belated birthday gift.

She said that she loved the gift because not only do her six dogs make a bit of a mess, she wasn't fond of doing yard work as it was.

"I'm a single mom with a lot of dogs; I really have a lot of admiration for Charlie because his business is just another way of making sure that things are being taken care of and I truly appreciate that," said Johnson. "It makes things go a little easier around the house and it takes care of yourself, your dogs and the environment, so it is a win-win-win situation."

After cleaning up the yard and spending time with the dogs, Bray will deposit any waste in the owner's trash and then leave a note saying what time he was there and when he left.

Because Bray will be going on to college in the next year, there has been talk of his younger brother, Henry, taking over.

"Charlie is a fantastic kid. I will absolutely be using his business up until he goes on to college," said another frequent customer, Marta Watson.

Watson has been using the Duluth Dog Waste Removal business for 6 months to help clean up after Mario the boxer and Piglet the pit mix.

She explained that Bray is frequently on time, texts, sends email statements and always checks up on his customers.

"My husband sometimes tells me to be nice to him because he could be representing us in Congress someday," joked Watson. "He is such a great kid. Anytime someone asks me about it, I give them his name. He has never disappointed us.

Customers can contact Charlie Bray from the Duluth Dog Waste Removal business by phone at 218-343-7069, by email at or on the Duluth Dog Waste Removal Facebook page.