Remembering the missing


The second annual Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women's March took place in downtown Duluth on Valentine's Day to remember victims of domestic violence. Many of the marchers wore red shawls, created by Native women to show their solidarity and support for other Native women and children who have been victimized by sexual assault and/or domestic violence.

Aroound 100 marchers began at 5 p.m. One Roof Community Housing, Fourth Street and Lake Avenue, and negotiated the treacherously icy sidewalks on Lake Avenue down to Minnesota Power Plaza on Superior Street, where they gathered. The names of domestic violence victims in Minnesota in were read aloud.  Eighteen women, three children and three bystanders were killed in domestic violence incidents in 2016.

The event was sponsored by Mending the Sacred Hoop, PAVSA, AICHO, Men as Peace Makers, Hildegard House, Survivors by Survivors, Red Shawl Campaign and Idle No More /Northwoods Wolf Alliance.