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Bear in a tree

A bear in a tree in Duluth's Civic Center with the St. Louis County Courthouse in the background. (Photo by Naomi Yaeger)1 / 5
Photo by Naomi Yaeger2 / 5
Photo by Naomi Yaeger3 / 5
Photo by Richard Thomas4 / 5
The bear wandered onto the plaza of the Federal Building before heading up to West Second Street and leaving the area Wednesday evening. (Photo by Richard Thomas)5 / 5

A bear climbed up a tree just outside of the offices of the Duluth Budgeteer on the 400 block of West First Street. 

Earlier this morning the bear climbed a tree outside Duluth City Hall. It appeared content to stay put amid the noise of traffic and construction projects in downtown Duluth until about 1:45 p.m.

Then it climbed down the tree and moved to a large tree in front of the St. Louis County Courthouse.

While the unusual-for-downtown-Duluth sight drew a steady stream of onlookers - with passersby craning their necks and pulling out their smartphones to take photos - Duluth police asked that people stay away from the area if possible because of safety concerns.

Aside from that caution, authorities monitored the situation, but did not actively seek to remove the bear.

Duluth police "are going to leave the bear in the tree at this time in hopes that the bear will come down on its own," said public information officer Ron Tinsley.

Tinsley said police have been in contact with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about various options for the situation, and the DNR is available to assist if needed.

Update: The bear was seen wandering on the plaza of the Federal Building before crossing West Second Street and leaving the area at 7:10 p.m.

 (The Duluth News Tribune contributed to this report) 
Naomi Yaeger

Naomi Yaeger is a freelance writer and the former editor of the Budgeteer. See her blog at