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Youth For Duluth P-ART-ied on the plaza

Emma Spooner, 16, a student at Duluth East, performs for the crowd.1 / 6
Dane Torgerson, 18, sings and plays guitar to an audience including Charlotte Chase. Torgerson attends Harbor City International School.2 / 6
The crowd of teens waits for the next performer at the Plaza P-ART-Y. (Photos by Solveig Rennan)3 / 6
Ben Westholm, 8, offers free cupcakes to the crowd. Westholm goes to school at Lester Park.4 / 6
Bailey Stender and Flannery Glisczinski, both 15, perform alongside Eli Hebl, 18. Stender attends Duluth East, Glisczinski attends Marshall and Hebl is a recent graduate of Two Harbors. (Photos by Solveig Rennan)5 / 6
Hans Arvidson-Hicks, 16, shows his enthusiasm to be at the party. "Music makes me feel a sense of togetherness," he said. Arvidson Hicks attends Duluth East.6 / 6

The smell of popcorn and cupcakes filled the air as teens from across the city mingled, looked at art and enjoyed performances by young musicians. Monday, Aug. 18 marked Youth for Duluth's first "Plaza P-ART-Y," a celebration of local teen talent at the Duluth Public Library.

"I feel like Youth For Duluth is building a stronger bond between youth in every area," said Henri LaLiberte, 16. "It is the key to making young people realize what a special city they live in."

One of the new organization's goals is to provide teenagers from different high schools to meet and mingle.

The party was the second organized event dedicated to achieving that goal. Earlier this summer, Youth for Duluth held a well attended citywide scavenger hunt.