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Without art, the earth would just be “eh”

“Leaf Necklace,” created by Kristin Perkins from blown glass and sterling silver, is on display at Lake Superior Art Glass on Superior St. The gallery will showcase the work of over 50 regional glass artists and hold live glassblowing demonstrations during the gallery hop. (Photo submitted)1 / 6
One of Tami LaPole Edmunds’ “upcycled jackets.” The garments are created by repurposing clothing items and using parts buttons, ribbon, zippers and assorted scraps as design elements. Live models will display these works in the storefront windows of Art in the Alley on Superior St. noon to 2 p.m. on the day of the gallery hop. (Photo submitted)2 / 6
This feather flower was created by Ellie Faller, co-owner of the Woodland Art Gallery on First St. (Photo submitted) 3 / 6
Anthony Huonder’s ceramic pieces will be on display at Lizzards Art Gallery and Framing. “The pottery is very appropriate for Earth Day because it’s made from the earth,” said gallery worker Penny Clark. (Photo submitted)4 / 6
Watercolor paintings like this one created by Marian Colman will be on display at Lizzards Art Gallery and Framing starting April 24. The artist will meet with viewers at the gallery on the day of the hop. (Photo submitted)5 / 6
Carol Brown is a local fiber artist who weaves colors and textures to create home décor accessories including lamp shades, as pictured here, as well as pillows, baskets, table runners, scarves and wall art. Her work can be found at Art in the Alley on Superior St. (Photo submitted)6 / 6

You can’t spell eARTh without ART.

Or at least not according to many artists around the Twin Ports. This year marks the 24th annual Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop, which will feature ten galleries in Duluth and Superior. This year’s hop will take place on Saturday, April 26, 11 a.m. to

5 p.m and will feature a trivia challenge.

“Each gallery will have their own trivia questions. You have to come in and really look at the pieces to find the answers to the questions in our gallery,” said Bev Johnson, coordinator of the gallery hop and owner of Art Dock, Inc.

You don’t have to go to every gallery to be entered for the prize drawings, but you do have to go to at least six. There will be one drawing winner per location.

Johnson is one of the annual event’s founders. She helped plan the first hop in 1990.

“On the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, the Art Dock decided to do something to celebrate and also show the importance of preserving the earth,” Johnson said.

The first hop was coordinated between Art Dock, Duluth Art Institute and one other gallery. Now 24 years later it’s grown to include ten local galleries. It’s up to each gallery to decide how to connect to the theme of nature and sustainability.

“Everyone has their own way of representing the earth in their gallery. They’re all environmentally friendly shows,” Johnson said.

Some galleries focus on the theme of recycling and reusing. Owner and artist Tami LaPole Edmunds of Art in the Alley Boutique creates her “one-of-a-kind original clothing items” by repurposing and upcycling other garments and pieces. Live models will be featured in storefront windows of the boutique from noon to 2 p.m.

Other galleries will focus on displaying collections of landscape paintings. The Tweed Museum of Art at University of Minnesota Duluth displays “Transcendental Landscape Paintings” from the George P. Tweed Memorial Art Collection as well as student artwork. Lizzard’s Art Gallery and Framing will show Marion Colman’s watercolor landscape paintings. Colman will be on hand to meet hoppers 1-3 p.m.

Animals will be the focus for other galleries. Siiviis of Sivertson Gallery will hold “A Kenspeckle Bestiary” celebration. There will be an animal letterpress prints created in collaboration between Rick Allen of the Kenspeckle Letterpress and poet Louis Jenkins. Jenkins will perform a reading at 2:30 p.m. The Woodland Art Gallery will feature artist Ellie Faller’s feather flowers.

One tradition that won’t recur this year is a form of transit between galleries. In the past, the galleries have pooled resources to rent busses or limousines to transport hoppers from location to location, but not this year.

“We liked to do it in honor of Earth Day, but it wasn’t possible this year. However there will be free parking,” Johnson said.

The free parking will be available at the DeWitt Seitz Marketplace, the lot west of the Depot and lot G at UMD.

For a full listing of galleries and events, visit the gallery hop’s website at or pick up a brochure at any of the gallery locations.

Art Hop Gallery Locations

In honor of the 44th anniversary of Earth Day, several downtown Duluth galleries, along with Duluth Art Institute, Tweed Museum of Art at UMD and Phantom Galleries Superior, will host free receptions on Saturday, April 26, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be free parking at the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace, the lot west of the Depot, and lot G at UMD. You may pick up a brochure with a map of locations at any of the following venues:

Art Dock, Inc.

DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace, 394 South Lake Ave.

722-1451 or 722-6410

Art in the Alley Boutique and Home

209 & 230 East Superior St. 464-4822

Duluth Art Institute

The Depot, 506 West Michigan St. 733-7560

Lake Superior Art Glass

202 East Superior St., Suite 100. 464-1799

Lizzard’s Art Gallery and Framing

11 West Superior St. 722-5815 .

Phantom Galleries Superior

1112 Tower Ave. and other to-be-announced locations in Superior. 715-718-1615

Siiviis of Sivertson Gallery

361 Canal Park Dr. 723-7877 or 1-888-815-5814

Tweed Museum of Art

University of Minnesota - Duluth

1201 Ordean Ct. 726-7659, 726-6552 or 726-7823

Waters of Superior

395 South Lake Ave. 786-0233

Woodland Art Gallery

28 West First St. 722-4030

Teri Cadeau

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Budgeteer.

(218) 720-4176