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Spotlight on a teen athlete: Karen Boynton

Karen Boynton, left, rows in a boat with Anna Jones, Karly Johnson and Myra Stauber. (Photo courtesy of Bryan French.)

Karen Boynton has dabbled in many activities, such as soccer, track, basketball, theater, rowing and tennis. The self-proclaimed "theater kid" has been rowing for the past two years and is now taking on the new challenge of tennis.

As the Denfeld tennis team doesn't have many players, they were recruiting for new teammates and Boynton decided to sign up.

"The team's really accepting," Boynton said. "You know we may not be the strongest or the biggest team, but we work hard to improve and we have lots of fun together."

Boynton competes in many of the same sports as her older sister Kaylin. The two have been rowing together, and now Karen is following Kaylin's lead by joining tennis at Denfeld this fall.

"Doing the same sport as my sister has its perks," Boynton said. "But we don't get along all the time, so it's hard when she's being a coxswain and I'm being a rower because she tells me what to do."

Boynton started rowing at the urging of her sister and father. Her sister joined a year earlier and her dad rowed when he was younger.

"They both encouraged me to do it," Boynton said. "The first day was super-intimidating. There were a lot of experienced people that were using all this lingo, but after a few weeks it was very cool."

In the past, Boynton participated in soccer, track and basketball. Due to repeated injuries in soccer and scheduling conflicts for track and basketball, she now limits herself to rowing, tennis and theater.

Participating in theater provides Boynton with a welcomed break from athletics.

"I do theater at Denfeld. I've done every show since the beginning of freshman year, whether acting or doing crew," Boynton said. "It's exercising the mind."

Boynton appreciates spending time at The Duluth Rowing Club. She is very positive about what it has done for her so far.

"Rowing is the best sporting decision I've ever made," Boynton said. "I've made so many new friends, and I've improved my health doing a sport that I can feasibly do for the rest of my life."