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Snowmobilers have chance to win new sleds

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Polaris Industries Inc. announced a “Sled-a-Day Giveaway” in which the company will give away 60 of its late-model snowmobiles to riders throughout the United States and Canada. 

That includes the Northland.

The Budgeteer spoke with two members of local snowmobile clubs to ask their thoughts on the giveaway and about snowmobiling in general.

“I was raised snowmobiling. I started out as soon as I could walk,” said Phillip Lockett, a member of the Reservoir Riders snowmobile club.

“It’s a chance to get outside on the trails in the winter,” said Bob Klein of the Duluth Drift Toppers club.

Both Lockett and Klein say that snowmobiling gives them a chance to see more of nature in the winter.

“What I like best is that I get to see things out on the trails that most people don’t get to see,” said Klein.

Lockett learned about the giveaway in an email from Polaris.

“I think it’s a great thing to get more people involved in snowmobiling. Granted, most of the people who enter might already snowmobile, but maybe they don’t have their own sleds. It’s a good way to get people out on the trails,” said Lockett.

Klein wasn’t aware of the giveaway but noted that Polaris has been “very good to the snowmobile community.”

To enter the giveaway, simply visit the local Polaris snowmobile dealership here, at Duluth Lawn & Sport, 4715 Grand Ave. and ask for a form with an entry code. Then go online and register the code on the card.

Polaris will draw one winner daily from Jan. 4 through March 4, 2014. The final day to register is March 3, 2014. By entering earlier, participants will have more chances to win in the daily drawings.

Sleds will be delivered to winners this fall.

Teri Cadeau

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Budgeteer.

(218) 720-4176