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Housewarming registry opens for homeless families

Steve O’Neil Apartments is a place for homeless families, currently under construction at 115 W. Fourth St. in the Central Hillside neighborhood. It will provide 44 permanent supportive housing units, plus six emergency shelter units. 

On May 20, as part of its spring assembly, CHUM (Churches United in Ministry) will launch a Community Registry to furnish the apartments.

“Think of a housewarming registry times 50, because that’s what it is,” said Lee Stuart, executive director of CHUM. “Fifty members of our family are setting up new homes.”

CHUM is working with Target, Loll Designs and other companies so that the families moving into the new apartments or the Emergency Family Shelter will have everything they need.

People who donate on will be able to furnish whole apartments or individual rooms or contribute for individual items.

“There is a push to get people to the (Tuesday) meeting,” Stuart said. At that meeting the website link will be go live. “Think of an online store, but that ends up with donations, not purchases.”