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Homeowners encouraged to check for Homestead Credit Refund eligibility

For homeowners concerned about their property taxes, an often-overlooked source for relief is available. The Homestead Credit Refund is a state-paid refund aimed at assisting homeowners whose property taxes are high compared to their household income.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue recently sent out a letter to homeowners it’s identified as likely being eligible for a refund of $1,000 or more, but there are others who probably qualify for some level of refund. Eligibility requirements include the total household income for 2013 must be less than $105,500; the property must be classified as homestead, and the person filing must have owned and lived in the home on Jan. 2, 2014; eligible filers cannot be a dependent and must have been a full- or part-year Minnesota resident in 2013.

To file, homeowners must have a copy of their Statement of Property Taxes Payable in 2014, which they should have received this past March; and the amount of their total household income, including both taxable and non-taxable sources. The filing deadline is Aug. 15 of next year.

The refund can be filed for online through the Department of Revenue’s website Homeowners also can file on paper by completing the “2013 Form M1PR.” Copies of the form are available in the County Auditor’s Office, or can be downloaded from the Department of Revenue’s website. People can also request a copy be sent to them by calling (800) 657-3676.

Any questions about the Homestead Credit Refund should be directed to the Minnesota Department of Revenue either by phone at (651) 296-3781 or toll-free (800) 652-9094, or by email: