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Equali-Tea highlights women entrepreneurs

Pat Emberg (left) wears a fancy hat she bought at an estate sale in Smithville 30 years ago. LWV Duluth president Nancy Bratrud visits with her. 1 / 5
Duluth City Councilors Emily Larson (left) and Sharla Gardner give each other a hug. 2 / 5
Pak Williams of Pak’s Green Corner3 / 5
Mary Dragich of Duluth Preserving Co. 4 / 5
Duluth Preserving Co. 5 / 5

Women sipped tea and wore hats to pay homage to the fight for the right of women to vote on March 15 at the Duluth Women’s Club.

The event was the League of Women Voters sixth annual “Equali-Tea.” This year featured four local women entrepreneurs sharing their stories and talk about women in business. This year’s tea had two sittings with different speakers at each. Featured at 10 - 11:30 a.m., seating was be Tami LaPole Edmunds of Art in the Alley and Rebecca Lindquist of Lindquist & Co. Featured at 12:30 - 2 p.m., seating was Mary Dragich of Duluth Preserving Co. and Pak Williams of Pak’s Green Corner.

“I don’t think we can ever forget the importance of gaining the right to vote,” LVW Duluth president Nancy Bratrud, told the Budgeteer.

Naomi Yaeger

Naomi Yaeger is a freelance writer and the former editor of the Budgeteer. See her blog at