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Duluth’s fire insurance rating improves

The Duluth Fire Department announced that the Insurance Services Office (ISO), Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating has recently improved for the City of Duluth. 

Communities whose PPC improves may receive lower insurance rates.

PPC ratings also measure of the effectiveness of fire suppression and prevention.

The PPC survey completed in late 2013 resulted in an improved split rating of 3/9 for Duluth. This is an improvement over the old PPC rating of 4/9 obtained in 1996.

Classifications are provided on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the best. The overwhelming majority of the City of Duluth is now rated 3. Out of 48,960 U.S. communities provided with an ISO PPC rating in 2013, only 6 percent earned a rating of Class 3 or higher.

The split rating (3/9) is due to areas in the city where structures are beyond 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant, but within 5 miles of a recognized fire station. Those areas receive a rating of Class 9.

Plans to improve the ISO PPC rating began in 2009 in accordance with objectives established in the Duluth Fire Department’s business plan. The PPC rating improvement was primarily due to recognition of the Duluth Fire Department’s Fire Prevention programs.

Additional contributing factors to the rating improvement were the increased amount of fire department training, fire department redeployment and improvements by St. Louis County Emergency Communications.

The Duluth Fire Department credits the work of all of its employees as well as St. Louis County’s Emergency Communications and the City of Duluth Public Works and Utilities Division.

Duluth property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance companies and inform them of the ISO PPC Rating improvement for the City of Duluth, as it may affect insurance rates.