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Duluth yogis welcome head of Himalayan Institute

Pandit Tigunait (Submitted photo)

Pandit Tigunait is well-known in yoga circles as the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute. He is releasing his new book “The Secret of the Yoga Sutra.” He will be in Duluth on Sunday, June 8 as part of his 70-plus city world tour. He will be sharing insights revealed over a lifetime of practice.

“I would think anyone who is a spiritual seeker would like to hear him speak. It’s like going to hear the Dalai Lama — maybe you don’t follow the spiritual practice, but you are going to glean valuable information from it,” said Jodi Christensen of Yoga North.

Tigunait will be leading a guided meditation, but there will not be movement practice of yoga. “A lot of times when people think of yoga, they think of doing different postures on a mat. That is just one aspect,” said Christensen.

“There is sort of a hotbed of yogis in Duluth who follow that same tradition that he is from,” she said. “The Himalayan tradition is one of the oldest and most and


The Himalayan Institute is a nonprofit. “They do tons of humanitarian work such as healthcare, construction of schools, womens’ jewelry businesses (micro business), and support clean water to villages,” Christensen said.

According to a press release, Tigunait, PhD, is a modern-day master and living link to the unbroken Himalayan Tradition. He embodies the yogic and tantric wisdom which the Himalayan Tradition has safeguarded for thousands of years. Tigunait grew up in India. The Himalayan Institute is located in Honesdale, Penn.

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This event is co-sponsored by Deborah Adele and Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute.

If you go:

June 8, 7-9 p.m.

Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave. E.

$30 in advance, $35 at the door

Register at,, 888-722-YOGA