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Budgeteer reaches 50 in the ‘80s

In 1981 the Budgeteer (by then called the Duluth Budgeteer/Scenic City News, having purchased the latter paper from the Woodland Community Club in 1969) celebrated its 50th birthday. The paper employed 17 people in the office plus 250 carriers.

Dick Palmer, son of founder Herb Palmer, had been the publisher since 1971. Dick wrote in the 50th anniversary issue (Sept. 16, 1981), “At age 74 today, Herb, though officially retired, remains on the scene writing, directing and advising the present editor and publisher and you know who that is? Me!”

In the same issue, Herb wrote, “When you consider that to date, the Budgeteer has been operating for 2,585 weeks, and that each issue contains hundreds of local items publicizing civic, church, school and personal items of interest, you can see that it would take thousands of pages to enumerate all the important events which we supported. Suffice it to say that we struggled through the Roaring Forties, the Feisty Fifties, the Restless Sixties, and the Serene Seventies, growing and expanding and making new friends along the way.”

Herb continued to write a column, “Nuggets in the News,” turning in his last articles just a few days before his death in 2002 at age 95.

The Budgeteer will cease to run articles at the end of this month and become an all-advertising shopper. Beginning in June two weeklies, the Eastern Observer and the Western Weekly, will provide news and features.

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