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Eighty-six years of the Budgeteer

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The Budgeteer will cease to run articles at the end of this month and return to its roots as an all-advertising shopper. In June the Duluth News Tribune will launch two weeklies, the Eastern Observer and the Western Weekly, which will hit the streets June 8.

The Budgeteer began during the Depression in 1931. Herb Palmer, then age 24, was unemployed in Duluth’s West End with his wife and one-year-old son, Dick. He had taken a printing course in high school and invested all his savings ($35) to launch what was initially called The Family Budgeter. Soon it became a fixture as recognizable as the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Ten years later the paper told its story: “Like a health and strapping young man who had just reached his eleventh birthday and proudly proclaims to the world that he is “almost a big man now” — the BUDGETER announces the beginning of its eleventh year of service to western Duluth! Back in 1931, the Budgeter was a puny youngster afflicted with the heebie-jeebies, the watchamacallits, and a general lack of vitamins. But we did have a healthy circulation, a strong back if not a weak mind, and plenty of perseverance.”

In honor of the Budgeteer’s history we will run historic front pages of the Budgeteer throughout the month of May.