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New weeklies begin in June, Budgeteer becomes shopper

Telling the unique stories of the communities we serve is a job we take seriously. We're constantly evaluating how well we're serving our communities and how we can better inform, engage and entertain our local readers. A recent evaluation revealed an opportunity for us to do more for the distinct neighborhoods that make up Duluth. It's time for us to expand our coverage and our product offerings.

So we're excited to announce the June launch of two paid weekly newspapers, one focused on Duluth's eastern neighborhoods and one focused on Duluth's western neighborhoods. These new weekly newspapers will focus intently on their respective areas. While we're one Duluth and share many similarities, the character of Duluth's distinctive neighborhoods needs to be celebrated and covered. The issues, challenges and people of Duluth's Congdon Park neighborhood differ from the issues, challenges and people of Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood, for example. The residents of these neighborhoods need more focused news coverage and a more distinct voice, and we plan to give it to them.

The Eastern Observer will cover Park Point, the Hillside, Kenwood, Congdon Park, Woodland and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Western Weekly will cover Gary-New Duluth, Smithville, Morgan Park, Lincoln Park, West Duluth and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Duluth News Tribune will continue to provide award-winning local coverage of Duluth and the surrounding region, but the editors of these new weekly papers will work hard to provide unique news that is vital and important to you from the neighborhood level. And we'll be looking for your contributions as well. We will want to know what issues are facing your neighborhoods, what big games are taking place, and what important events are happening in your schools, churches and community clubs.

A mailed subscription to either the Eastern Observer or Western Weekly will cost only $36 annually, and the first issues will be available the first full week of June. To subscribe, call (218) 723-5252.

At the same time as we launch the two new paid weekly newspapers, the Budgeteer News will undergo a change. Since its establishment in 1931 the Budgeteer News has had many different looks and versions.

In June, the Budgeteer News will return to its original shopper roots. Starting with the June 4, 2017 edition, the Budgeteer will no longer contain editorial content, it instead will consist of only ads, inserts and coupons. The "new" Budgeteer will become what's called a Total Market Coverage companion to the Duluth News Tribune. Area residents who do not subscribe to the News Tribune will receive a free copy of the Budgeteer delivered to their residence. Those that subscribe to home delivery of the News Tribune will no longer have a copy of the Budgeteer delivered to their homes, but will still receive store inserts and coupons. A limited number of copies of the Budgeteer will be available at local grocery and convenience stores.

This new endeavor is an indication of how strongly we feel about Duluth and the region. We're passionate about the communities we call home and are committed to providing the most accurate and thorough coverage. We are excited and working hard to bring these new papers to your doorstep in the coming months. Please send us your suggestions for the best ways these papers can cover your neighborhoods. We thank you in advance for supporting these new newspapers and allowing us into your homes.

Neal Ronquist, News Tribune publisher

Rick Lubbers, News Tribune editor / 723-5301