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Photos: Feb. 19 issue

A Valentine's Day sunrise over Lake Superior and Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum reflects in the ice formations on the Canal Park shore. (Photo by RIchard Thomas)1 / 7
Ducks fly across the calm waters Feb. 14. (Photo by Richard Thomas)2 / 7
Ice formations in Canal Park. (Photo by Richard Thomas)3 / 7
4 / 7
Sunrise on Feb. 15 over East Hillside. The sun pillar is from sunlight reflecting off falling ice crystals in high, thin clouds. (Photo by Richard Thomas)5 / 7
Sunset Feb. 16. (Photo by Richard Thomas)6 / 7
A toy reindeer at the municipal parking lot on Michigan Street. Whether left accidentally on purpose, it cheered up Duluthians in the midwinter doldrums long past the holiday season. (Photo by Richard Thomas)7 / 7