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Photos: Nov. 20 issue

The full “supermoon,” when the moon was at its closest point to the earth since 1948, rose Sunday, Nov. 13. Photographers and skywatchers gathered in Park Point to watch it break the horizon at 4:33 p.m. (Photo by Richard Thomas)1 / 7
The supermoon rises above Duluth Nov. 12. (Photo by Richard Thomas)2 / 7
Early evening supermoon Nov. 12. (Photo by Richard Thomas)3 / 7
The supermoon appears on the horizon Nov. 13. (Photo by Richard Thomas)4 / 7
The supermoon seen through the tower of the St. Anthony's Center steeple. (Photo by Richard Thomas)5 / 7
The Great Northern Radio Show held its first-ever show in Duluth Nov. 12 at Lincoln Park Middle School. Great Northern is a series of live music, comedy and variety shows staged in different cities around the region for community radio, produced by Iron Range author Aaron Brown since 2011. The next show is scheduled for March 4 in Bemidji. For past recordings go to (Photo by Richard Thomas)6 / 7
The first half of November was unseasonably warm, as visible in this photo of the St. Louis River at Chambers Grove Park on Nov. 12. (Photo by Richard Thomas)7 / 7