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Imagining Duluth

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Beginning in November and continuing through April, the City of Duluth is inviting the public to provide input for "Imagine Duluth 2035," the updating of the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

The plan was adopted in 2006, but the city has changed over the last 10 years. Issues such as housing, transportation, public infrastructure and open space were not fully addressed in the 2006 plan.

Five social engagement sessions were held in November in Central Hillside, Duluth Heights, East and West Duluth and the Woodland neighborhood to get community input on how Duluth will grow and change. At the Nov. 10 session at Central Hillside Community Center (photographed here) residents dealt with hypothetical questions such as where to put a business that would employ 1,000 people and where to put 600 new housing units. Attendees made suggestions such as demolishing tax-forfeited houses, using the Armory, avoiding "monstrosities on the waterfront" and tall buildings on the hillside that block the view, making the city more "walkable" and more.

To get involved in Imagine Duluth, go to or call the Community Planning Division at (218) 730-5580.