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Photos: Nov. 6 issue

As protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continue in North Dakota, Duluthians held two back-to-back demonstrations Oct. 28 at Lake Avenue and Superior Street. Above, Lydia Shinkle, Dan Jones, Natalia (age 6), Veronica (age 3), Austin Jones and Anthony Hernandez. (Photo by Richard Thomas)1 / 8
Kelsey Hilgendorf dressed up her dog, Charlie, to greet trick-or-treaters for Halloween. (Photo by Richard Thomas)2 / 8
Black cat in alley Halloween night. (Photo by Richard Thomas)3 / 8
Sunrise Halloween morning. (Photo by Richard Thomas)4 / 8
A bear climbed a tree downtown Nov. 2, much to the delight of onlookers. Police cordoned off the area most of the day until the bear finished its nap and went on its way. (Photo by Richard Thomas)5 / 8
Frost covers the ground at Ridgeview Country Club Nov. 2. (Photo by Richard Thomas)6 / 8
Sunrise over Howard Gnesen Road Nov. 2. (Photo by Richard Thomas)7 / 8
A solitary crow perches on a bare willow tree on East Second St. (Photo by Richard Thomas)8 / 8