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Police spend time with community youth

Along with many other activities at Kids, Cops and Cars, kids participated in a short race with Officer Rob Hurst. Although he didn't win, Hurst did get to meet many local kids. (Photo by Anna Jones)1 / 5
Officer Amber Peterson volunteers her time for the third year to attend the Kids, Cops and Cars event. She is accompanied by her partner's horse, Rocky. "It's really fun to interact with the community," Peterson said. "They are here because they want to know us as officers and as people, which is really great." (Photo by Anna Jones)2 / 5
Ezra Ward tosses a football with Officer Matt McShane. (Photo by Anna Jones)3 / 5
Maria and Olivia Drozdowski attend the Kids, Cops and Cars event for their third year in a row. Being around police officers is not unusual to them because their father is a Duluth Police officer. (Photo by Anna Jones)4 / 5
Elijah Sandlin and grandma Linda Lockwood meet Officer Jim Matson and his companion, Jimmy the Horse. (Photo by Anna Jones)5 / 5

On Aug. 25, the Duluth Police Department visited the Central Hillside neighborhood as part of the two-day event, Kids, Cops and Cars. Previously in the week, they visited Memorial Park in West Duluth. This was the fourth annual event made possible by donations from local businesses. The day included food, games, K9s, horses, a grounded helicopter and other police vehicles. The public was encouraged to meet local law enforcement members in a fun environment. "We have a lot of officers coming through here today," said Ron Tinsley of the Duluth Police Department. "It's a great opportunity for us to meet with the community and get to know them."