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Urban farmer says food systems are inefficient

Urban farmer Francois Medion says Minnesotans need to take back their food system.  Medion says Americans throw away 50 percent of their food, which cost energy to produce. The urban farmer also stressed that one pound of hamburger take 2,000  gallons of water to produce and encourages a plant based diet. 

Medion was a surprise speaker during an event organized by a faith based groups. Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Arrowhead Regional Network and the ELCA NE MN Synod Creation Care Team.

After several speakers spoke to crowd in the basement of First Lutheran Church, many marched for climate action on Sunday, Nov. 29, starting at First Lutheran Church, 1100 E. Superior St. The march will encouraged local actions to reduce carbon footprints. It is was in coordination with similar worldwide events prior to the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris starting Nov. 30 and continuing to Dec. 11.

Naomi Yaeger

Naomi Yaeger is a freelance writer and the former editor of the Budgeteer. See her blog at