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Photos: Sept. 11 issue

Paul Scinocca, an avid photographer of ships on their way into the Duluth Harbor, captured a hummingbird with his camera. “While waiting for the next ship I noticed hummingbirds making use of my favorite gardens on Park Point. Amazing the contortions they can go through in flight,” he said. (Photo by Paul Scinocca)1 / 3
If you’re anything like the Budgeteer staff, your Facebook accounts rained photos of the first day of school. We enjoyed see the photos of students and wish them a happy new year in school. Here are two photos of students headed back to school. Here, Elise and Isabelle Sydow hug and pose for a first day of school photo. Elise with be in fourth grade and Isabelle in eighth grade at North Star Academy. (Photo by Steve Sydow)2 / 3
Storm Krause leaves his house early Tuesday morning. Storm is in fifth grade at Congdon Park Elementary. (Photo by Storm’s mother, Karen McTavish)3 / 3