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'You deserve a break today'

Tia Salo, Jenifer Fitcher, Lauren Lundeen and Bernard McCarthy work the grill which they set up on the sidewalk on Michigan Street.1 / 3
Maurices employees sit on blankets on the grass near Michigan Street. "It was nice and relaxing," said Maurices employee Anna Bauman.2 / 3
Maurices employees shared their barbecue with Hanco Utility construction workers who were taking their lunch break near a worksite at First Avenue West and Michigan Street.3 / 3

In July, employees from Maurices corporate headquarters gathered on Michigan Street for what they dubbed a "back-alley barbecue." Their office is a couple blocks away on Superior Street. The barbecue was sponsored by the company's in-house softball team. The company's culture team.walked in droves from their downtown office on Superior Street.

Naomi Yaeger

Naomi Yaeger is a freelance writer and the former editor of the Budgeteer. See her blog at