Teen athlete: Maddy Schintz


Playing two sports is no easy task. Excelling in both is even harder, although Maddy Schintz, a junior at Duluth East High School, manages pretty well. Schintz plays golf in the spring for the Greyhounds and hockey for the Duluth Northern Stars in the winter.

Schintz was appointed captain for the upcoming golf season by her coach, Stuart Sorenson.

"Maddy is a great kid who leads by example and makes sure everyone is included," Sorenson said. "She's very supportive and her teammates look up to her. She's a quiet leader."

Schintz was also captain of the hockey team as a junior this past season and will once again take on the captaincy as a senior. Nikki Frederickson, a junior at Duluth East and a golf and hockey teammate to Schintz, will be her co-captain for golf this year.

"Maddy is an amazing captain for both golf and hockey," Frederickson said. "She is super-encouraging. She definitely leads by example through always working hard and is always there for anyone if they need help."

Schintz started hockey when she was four years old, playing first for Piedmont, then transitioning to the Icebreakers, a local girls' hockey team. The Northern Stars are a combination of the Denfeld and East High School teams. Schintz's favorite parts of hockey include many aspects that golf lacks.

"It's a team sport and that's fun because you make a lot of friends," Schintz said. "I like the physical part of it and you just get to skate really fast."

Schintz still enjoys the solidarity of golf.

"There is a team aspect of it but it's normally mostly by yourself," Schintz said. "That's just different and I like that. I also like being outside."

Schintz has been golfing ever since she can remember.

"My parents were both golfers when they were in college, so I just kind of grew up with it," Schintz said. "I get to play with my family and it's just something that we can all do together."

Her father, Paul Schintz, is the golf pro at Ridgeview Country Club. "He just kind of taught me as I was growing up," she said.

Being a captain means a lot to Schintz. The trust of her coaches and teammates isn't something she takes lightly.

"It gives you a lot of self-confidence," Schintz said. "Your coaches think you're the kind of person who can handle people and is a respectful person and that's really nice to hear."

Kalei Kleive, another junior at East, plays both hockey and golf with Schintz.

"Maddy is a great leader," Kleive said. "She is awesome at golf and hockey and makes everyone happy to be part of the team. She is our number-one golfer and always willing to help. I can't wait to start another great season with her." Her best score on nine holes is 35 and on 18 holes, 81.

Sometimes the little things in golf bring the most pleasure to Schintz. Her favorite moment is where the ball is hit off the tee.

"I like driving the ball the best," Schintz said. "It's really fun to see that ball go so far."

Solveig Rennan is a junior at East High School and interned for the Budgeteer in 2014. If you have an idea for a teen athlete profile, email budgeteer@duluthbudgeteer.com.