‘Tell me how you see it’


Most companies are not talking to their employees about their work, according to Jim Laumeyer, a human resources consultant who spoke during the Chamber Ambassador’s December luncheon meeting.

“Every employee wants to know, ‘How am I doing?’” Laumeyer told the ambassadors.

On a wall at the Holiday Inn and Suites, Laumeyer put up four groupings of sticky notes with questions about typical employee reviews. The ambassadors, who consisted of both employees and supervisors, placed their answers on the wall.

The questions were: How long was your performance review?  Have you given or received recognition in the last seven days? Was employee input elicited? Have you heard of Schwanke?

“Schwanke” refers to a 2014 Minnesota Supreme Court decision which determined that public employees can challenge negative performance reviews.

Laumeyer said a good technique is for the employer to ask the employee to share how he or she feels about the job. The supervisor can say, ”You tell me how you see it.”

“Employees feel like they are a part of the input. They owned it,” Laumeyer said.

Employees often bring up touchy subjects. Afterwards the supervisor can provide his or her perspective. This makes the process much easier for the supervisor, he said.

Research shows that employees who receive recognition from employers are more successful, Laumeyer said.