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Sorry, but the Fourth Street trees got to go
March 20, 2015 - 3:45pm
Lincoln Park planning map. (City of Duluth)
Meeting discusses Lincoln Park neighborhood
March 20, 2015 - 4:01pm
Japanese knotweed, an invasive species. (Photo By H. Zell via Wikimedia Commons)
Duluth parks seeks volunteers to help eradicate invasive plants
March 20, 2015 - 11:55am

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A mourning cloak butterfly basks in spring sunlight. Missing parts of the wings tell of struggles during hibernation or near-misses with birds. (Photos by Larry Weber)
Mourning cloak butterflies wake in spring
March 20, 2015 - 4:41pm
Nature calls and sometimes wrecks
March 20, 2015 - 4:30pm
A poop-scoop pep talk for spring
March 20, 2015 - 4:27pm
The living room Of Duluth
March 20, 2015 - 4:22pm
Why can't schools learn?
March 20, 2015 - 4:23pm
Women's liberation history documentary shows at UMD
March 20, 2015 - 9:56am
Racist image is a teachable moment
March 20, 2015 - 3:37pm
A ring forms around the sun on March 18, shining through the branches of a boxelder maple on West First Street. Winged seedlings from last season still cling to the branches. (Photo by Richard Thomas/Duluth Budgeteer)
Photos: March 22 issue
March 20, 2015 - 10:14am
Briana Johnson works in her new office in the basement of the Depot. Johnson is the new program director at the Depot. (Photo by Teri Cadeau)
Johnson starts as Depot program director
March 20, 2015 - 11:29am
Got dumpster-rate housing?
March 20, 2015 - 4:52pm
Seniors Nick Aspin, Lyla Abukhodair, Adrianna Bail and Jace LeGarde and junior Cally Stanich. The character Clara Johnson, played by Adrianna Bail, angrily takes the flowers from her fiancé Fabrizio Naccarelli played by Jace LeGarde during the song "Clara
Hermantown presents spring musical
March 20, 2015 - 4:09pm
(Photo by Scott Ehardt via Wikimedia Commons)
Can we fix it?
March 20, 2015 - 2:16pm